The Herald Gut Feeling Coverage

17 May

There was some fantastic coverage in The Plymouth Herald today for Coeliac Awareness Week (Gut Feeling Week).  Huge thanks to Clare Jardine and Sophie Taylor for making this happen, and they’ve done a fantastic job.  I am really grateful to them for giving a whole page to this.

Awarenesss Week

Their main story is piece telling everyone all about awareness week and coeliac disease, and explaining the mission to find the half a million undiagnosed coeliacs in the UK.  There is also a mention for the Plymouth Voluntary Support Group for Coeliac UK and their awareness stand at Sainsbury’s Marsh Mills today.  You can read the story including quotes from yours truly here:

Secondly they have run a story about a young coeliac from Ivybridge, Finn Stephenson, who is doing a sponsored 10 mile bike ride to raise money for Coeliac UK.  You can sponsor him here, and read the full story below:

Finally there is a case study piece on some coeliac bloke called Kevin Gollop.  They have run a cut down piece on my coeliac diagnosis story.  I have to admit it’s a bit nerve racking having such a personal story out there for those outside the coeliac community to see, but of course that is the whole point of awareness week so I just really hope it helps someone.  You can read the story here:


You can view a PDF version of the page here.  Thank you to The Herald for giving me permission to upload this.

So big thanks again to The Herald for helping us to raise awareness.

Kevin, Gluten Free by the Sea


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