Deli Divine Review

1 Aug

Deli Divine have recently celebrated a year of selling a wide range of gluten free products on-line at  What better way to celebrate than by opening a gluten free shop!  I was invited to the opening of the shop in Netley, near Southampton, but was unfortunately unable to attend.  Fortunately for me I was very kindly offered a sample box of products.


There were some fantastic products amongst the samples.  CELIA Lager and Frank bars were familiar to me along with Foodamentalists pork pie, a Sconeybun from Honeybuns bakery and some cookies from Knead bakery.  Also included were a ham and cheese panini from Freedom Deli, and a gourmet lasagne from Lifestyle Cuisine, both of which were great.

Some of the stand put products for me included the extremely tasty Hotch Potch Eggs, which were scotch eggs with no egg!  Instead of egg they were stuffed with things such as roasted pepper, apricot and olive.  Really different and it worked really well.  My first taste of Glamour Puds was a positive one, the hot chocolate fudge pud was extremely moist and delicious.  Le Pain des fleurs chestnut crispbread was by the far the best gluten free crispbread I’ve tasted, and topped with lashings of Nutella it was something else!


Deli Divine aim to be a place where you can buy all the best gluten free products in one place.  Judging by the samples they seem to be doing a great job at this.  I also note they sell my favourite pasties and pies from Baked to Taste.  Although I was unable to make the shop in person, fellow coeliac Elizabeth Sargent who lives in Southampton kindly agreed to do a write up for Gluten Free by the Sea.  Many thanks to Elizabeth.  It seems the people who live near the shop are very lucky, and I am extremely jealous.  I am sure I will be ordering on-line in future though.

Elizabeth’s Review:

Shop_FrontLast week I had the pleasure of checking out the newly opened Deli Divine store in Netley. The name may sound familiar to some of you as the online shop has been open for over a year now.

My first thought upon entrance was: “Wow, treasure trove!”  The shelves were stacked with gluten free sauces, mixes, crackers, and chocolates, and 3 chest freezers were full to bursting with savoury and sweet delights.


I recognised some of the brand names, but many items were completely new to me. Debra, the founder of Deli Divine, explained that many of her items are locally sourced. I was excited to see so much selection from in and around Hampshire!

I’m a sucker for sauces, so I spent the first little while browsing jars of mustard, marinade, and hot sauce. I’m always nervous when purchasing these items in bigger stores, with ambiguous “starch” ingredients popping up all over the place, but Debra assured me that every single item in her shop (except one jar of mustard) is gluten free.


As you might imagine, I made out with quite a good haul!


I’ve only made it through a handful of my items so far, but I whole-heartedly can recommend what I have had.  If you’re someone who likes spice, the South Devon Chili Farm range is amazing. I loved their chilli chocolate, and the habanero hot sauce went perfect with nachos at the weekend.  My favourite item so far has been MAN•MEAT•FIRE®’s hot ginger sauce. It is delightfully spicy sweet. Debra mentioned that it is great on ice cream, but I have yet to try that. The Les Pains des Fluers quinoa crispbread is also pretty amazing and went well with the Smoked Godminster I picked up.

The only negative I could possibly think of is that the shop is a bit hard to get to if you don’t have a car. Fortunately everything is available to order for delivery anyways, so it’s not much of a setback!

My only regret is not bringing along a cool box. I was leaving straight from the shop for a weekend away, so had to woefully leave behind all the frozen goodies. I’ll certainly be stocking up on those during future trips.

Also, if you haven’t yet tried Glamour Puds, do so! They were so good, I couldn’t even allow myself enough time to snap a photo before digging in. Gluten free delight!



One Response to “Deli Divine Review”

  1. emjaxon August 20, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    I live somewhere where I have zero access to GF yummies and have to rely on my own baking skills to quench desires and cravings.

    When I tried this recipe I was scared because it was so easy and so yummy. I think about whipping up a MUG MUFFIN all the time now hahaha and think about what other flavours I could add (ginger cinnamon lemon pineapple etc)….nuts…honey….mmmmmm drooling…

    There may be some others like me who live on not much and would enjoy this treat. 


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