Gluten Free Cupcakes from Cupcake Universe

12 Jan

I was recently contacted by a new Plymouth company called Cupcake Universe, who informed me they were now baking gluten free cupcakes.  A quick look at the company website revealed that Cupcake Universe also produced gluten containing cupcakes, so as always my coeliac scepticism kicked in and my first question was to ask about cross contamination.  Thankfully though, I received a detailed reply that gave me reassurance:

We take our gluten-free side very seriously. We purchase all our Doves Farm gluten-free flour from a supermarket chain, as we know they keep it separate from the other flours. We also only use the Dr Oetker gluten-free baking powder.
We do transport everything to our kitchen in separate bags and the gluten-free products are kept is separate storage cupboards, as are all our gluten-free baking utensils.
When we make our gluten-free cupcakes we start by sterilizing the kitchen and then bring in the products, the cupcakes are made and removed from the kitchen before we start on any of the other cupcakes we offer.
Unfortunately we don’t have the space to run two separate kitchens, so we take every care to eliminate contamination on our side, but of course have no control over what happens in the production chain before it arrives with us.

Paula Frost from Cupcake Universe was generous enough to offer me a box of cupcakes to sample.  I must admit I am very partial to a gluten free cupcake so I was only too happy to take them up on this offer.  It was nice to meet Paula for a quick chat when she delivered the cakes.  You can get free delivery in PL1, PL2, PL3, PL4, PL5, PL6 and some of PL7 if you order six or more cupcakes, which are available from only £6.50 via the cupcake section of their website.

2013-12-10 15.36.36

The selection included one red velvet, one cranberry and various combinations of chocolate and vanilla.  The sponge itself wasn’t super light, but I personally like that in a cupcake as I think it’s nice to have a bit of contrast when there is so much frosting.  I really liked all the flavours, though perhaps unsurprisingly, the red velvet with cream cheese frosting was my favourite.  Delicious.  The cakes were nicely presented in a presentation box as below.

2013-12-10 15.35.32

Paula and husband Justin have been in the hospitality industry for many years. Justin recently retired from being an executive chef in London and together they opened Cupcake Universe. Their focus is on “freshly made cupcakes with superior customer service, which is why we offer our free Plymouth delivery.  As you know we don’t use a courier company, offering a personalised service.”

Following the launch of the company Justin and Paula were constantly asked if they could provide a gluten free option.  Paula said “We know that there is a demand in the market, so we started experimenting; this is when the gluten-free side of our business came to light. With the years Justin spent as a chef, he is very knowledgeable on gluten-free and the importance of eliminating cross contamination.”

Further good news is that Cupcake Universe are about to launch some savoury gluten free products within their range.  “We are also in the process of perfecting our pies which will be available shortly. We were going to launch them last month, but want to perfect the gluten-free pastry before doing so. We are hoping that these will be available in the coming weeks.”

Cupcake Universe are scheduled to be at the St Budeaux Valentines Fair on 1st February, and are also often at the Sunday morning market at Plymouth Argyle when weather permits.  Keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter pages for full information on where they will be.  For full contact details please visit the Cupcake Universe website.

Kevin, Gluten Free by the Sea


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