Tavistock Country Market

13 Apr

I recently received an email from Alison Carter of Tavistock Country Market offering me the chance to sample some of her gluten free products.  As always my first question was regarding cross contamination, and secondly I am always interested to know what inspired a producer to start baking gluten free.  Alison was able to put me at ease with her reply:

“both my son and I have eaten gluten free for 11 years due to severe gluten intolerance. I have a separate kitchen and oven with all utensils, bowls, tins etc only used for gluten free. I check ingredients on Coeliac UK website and I have avoided using even the gluten free oats as I am not sure whether these are still a problem for some. I have had my kitchen inspected by environmental health when I started a gluten free cake business.  The terminology we have to use at the market is: Made with no gluten containing ingredients in a gluten free kitchen“.

Alison bakes a variety of sweet and savoury gluten free products for the market, which include:

  • Three flavours of quiche
  • Apple pie
  • Treacle tart
  • Lasagne
  • Lemon and Almond Polenta cake
  • Chocolate tiffin
  • Florentines
  • Coconut and pistachio slice
  • Chocolate brownies
  • Moist fruit cake
  • gingerbread men and houses (to order)
  • Blueberry almond cake
  • Carrot cake
  • Ginger or chocolate cookies

Naturally I was keen to try some of these delicious sounding goodies, and Alison kindly personally delivered some for me to try.  It was lovely to have a chat with Alison and her daughter too.  The image below shows the samples I received.

2014-01-30 18.47.11

The products were all of high quality.  The samples included Lemon and Almond Polenta cake, Raspberry White Chocolate cake, Florentines, Chocolate tiffin, Moist fruit cake, Ginger cookies, Coconut and pistachio slice, Apple Pie and Cheese and Tomato Quiche.  I naturally gravitated towards the lemon and raspberry cakes first, closely followed by the tiffin.  All were delicious as was the quiche which had great pastry.  We were heading to London shortly after the samples arrived so the ginger cookies and Florentines came with us as train snacks.  We really liked the ginger cookies which had a really nice chew to them to compliment that lovely ginger flavour.  The Floretines were perhaps one of my favourite things from everything I tried though.  Really tasty and I would definitely buy again.

2014-02-05 19.49.572014-02-05 19.50.18

As a result of tasting these samples I invited Alison along to the Coeliac UK Plymouth AGM last month and she kindly agreed to come along and sell her products.  I hope some of you managed to try her goodies on the day and enjoyed them too.  To buy Alison’s gluten free savoury and sweet treats visit Tavistock Country Market on Fridays between 9.30 and 4.30 in the Tavistock Pannier Market.  Orders can be placed at the market or by phone by calling 01246 261508, but are only available for collection at the market at present.

You can also find the fabulous Traditional Puddings at Tavistock Pannier Market, who I have subsequently discovered were selling Alison’s Christmas puddings at the Christmas Free From Food Fair we held at Ivybridge Community Market at the end of last year.  You can also find Tavistock Country Market on Facebook here.

Kevin, Gluten Free by the Sea


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