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Gluten Free Fish and Chips!

27 Feb

Update 31/08/14: Unfortunately Eggbuckland Fish and Chip Shop is now under new ownership and is no longer serving gluten free.  See Kingfisher Fish and Chip Shop review for an alternative option.

It was with great excitement that I received a press release yesterday from Eggbuckland Fish and Chip shop.  Firstly, thanks to Alice Williams of the Coeliac UK Plymouth group for passing this on.  Being able to go to the ‘chippy’ is one thing I’ve really missed since being diagnosed with coeliac disease.  So I was delighted to hear that this chip shop in Eggbuckland Village will be doing a gluten free night the first Monday of every month from next week.  Great news for gluten free Plymouth!

This also happens to be my old local chip shop that I used to go to whilst growing up in Eggbuckland.  I can’t wait to try it out on Monday.  Also on sale on Monday will be gluten free cakes made by Johanna’s 8 year old son Jake, with all proceeds going to Comic Relief.  You can find Eggbuckland Fish and Chip shop at: 1 Hayes Place, Eggbuckland, Plymouth, PL6 5RL


Full press release:

Johanna Haimes has now been at the Eggbuckland Fish and Chip shop for 10 years. This family owned local business is currently arranging a new regular monthly night to enable the many people in the Plymouth area that suffer from a Gluten intolerance to have traditional Fish and Chips.

On the first Monday of every month from now on people that require truly gluten free food, will be able to perfectly safely come in and order Fish and chips, sausage and chips, curry sauce or gravy. Although the menu will be slightly limited to start with, we would welcome any requests and we will do our best to ensure it is available for them the following month.

“There are only 139 Fish and Chip Shops in the UK that currently offer this service that are registered with the Coeliac Society UK. We have contacted the Coeliac Society to enable them to approve our service and suitability once everything is in place prior to the first night. Jo has also completed a course set up by the Coeliac Society UK and her certificate is proudly on show in the shop for all to see.

The fryers steam cleaned and new beef dripping used. Also a separate set of cooking utensils will be used on these nights only to avoid any traces of gluten.

Eggbuckland Fish and Chips shop is a small family owned business that is also very keen on sustainable fishing to protect fish stocks and the marine environment. All of the fish available is sourced from environmentally friendly suppliers that have Marine Stewardship Council approval. Jake, Jo’s 8 year old son has also put up some of his school work about the local marine environment on the walls of the shop to help educate customers about the marine wildlife.

The first Coeliac Night will be Monday 4th March Eggbuckland Fish and Chip Shop is at 1 Hayes Place, Eggbuckland, Plymouth, PL6 5RL, directly opposite the Prince Maurice public house and it will be open from 5pm until 10pm. There is plenty of parking available. If you have a large order (over £30) that you wish to pre-order or if you have any other enquiries you can call us on 01752 776506 and ask to speak to Jo.

For more information and quotes see this report from The Herald: http://www.thisisdevon.co.uk/Gluten-free-nights-chip-shop/story-18286059-detail/story.html#axzz2MGxgME7D


Kevin, Gluten Free by the Sea

The Dolphin House Brazzerie

30 Dec

We recently headed to The Dolphin House Brazzerrie on the Barbican in Plymouth for my wife’s birthday.  Abby queried the gluten free options when booking the table, and was told that this would be no problem and they have regular coeliac customers.  Furthermore, she was told if I ordered in advance I could choose anything from the menu and they would make it gluten free for me with no problem, including gluten free bread.  The Restaurant’s website carries the reassuring statement “Special Diets; If you or a member of your party have any special dietary requirements please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you without compromising your meal.”

The restaurant is very well decorated and overlooks the harbour,  though it was pitch black and absolutely tipping down when we went so we didn’t get much chance to enjoy the view.  Dolphin House serve “Responsibly sourced, and locally where possible” modern British cuisine.  The staff were very friendly and quickly put my mind at rest with regards my gluten free choices.  I double checked the chips were cooked in a separate fryer and they confirmed they were.  The waiter told me he was dairy free and totally understood how it was when I asked the question.


First up I had butternut squash soup, served with gluten free toast.  The soup was absolutely delicious and up there with the nicest soups I’ve had.  Great flavour and the drizzle of olive oil and cream on top really added to the dish.  The toast was great and the chef had done extra so I had an extra slice brought to the table while I was eating.  I polished off all of it.


For the main course I went for the steak.  I ordered the “cut of the day” in advance so wasn’t sure what cut I would be getting.  The waiter informed me today’s cut was a 10 oz rump.  I generally order a fillet if it’s available, and I’ve often found other cuts to be pretty disappointing.  No such disappointment this time round.  The steak was a perfectly cooked medium as requested and was absolutely delicious.  I would go as far to say this was the nicest non-fillet steak I’ve ever had.  When ordering I enquired if any of the sauces were gluten free, and was delighted to be told that all sauces are made to order so it was no problem to make any of them gluten free, and they always keep gluten free flour on-site.  I plumped for my favourite peppercorn sauce, the first time I’ve been able to have this since my coeliac diagnosis.  I was expecting the onion rings to be left off, but they went the extra mile and made me gluten free ones.  I was really impressed by this so a big thumbs up for me.


For dessert I went for the ice cream/sorbet selection.  These were all homemade and very tasty, and a good end to the meal.  I almost did my usual trick and forget to get a photo of this, so excuse the fact there are a few bites missing from the above snap!  I was served lemon and cardomom sorbet, cream cheese and white chocolate ice cream and also cinnamon ice cream.  Unusual flavours and all lovely, I particularly enjoyed the very creamy white chocolate ice cream.

I washed the meal down with a Thatcher’s Vintage Cider which was a cool 7.4%, best to not drink too many of those!  Overall a fantastic meal and I would definitely go back to Dolphin House Brazzerie again.  It wasn’t the cheapest, £17.50 for a steak plus an extra £2.50 for the peppercorn sauce, but given the quality of food I didn’t think this was extortionate.  I was exceptionally well looked after on the gluten free front and suffered no ill effects.  I look forward to going back again in the future.

See also this TripAdvisor review by Happy_Eater66 for a second opinion.

Kevin, Gluten Free by the Sea

Gluten Free Gluttony at Chambers Notte Street

9 Nov

Update: Chambers has now been renamed Restaurant 60, but is still owned and run by chef Graham Ledwith: http://www.chambersandthenotte.com

Well after a rant, helping you find supermarket treasure and even a recipe it’s time to get back to the main focus of Gluten Free by the Sea; Helping you find great quality local gluten free food.  You may remember me mentioning Chambers Restaurant in an earlier Eating Out Gluten Free in Plymouth post, and I’ve been keen to go back to do a full review.  Situated on the Barbican this restaurant offers good quality locally sourced products, and is extremely gluten free friendly.  A Living Social offer presented a good excuse to go back, and we managed to pick up two courses and a glass of wine each for £30.  Chambers are running another Living Social offer in the next couple months so keep an eye out for that.

As we were seated we stated that I was coeliac and the chef came over and ran through the menu with me.  Basically he was more than happy to adapt any of the dishes to be gluten free, other than the obvious ones that were in batter, breadcrumbs or pastry.  He apologised that there’d been a diary mix up and he hadn’t realised a coeliac was visiting, else he would have gone out and got gluten free bread in specially.  I did indeed get gluten free bread on my last visit, and I always think this is a great touch.  Anyway, there was more than enough food to keep me going!  I also asked the key question as to whether the chips were fried with gluten items, and was told mine would be fried in a separate pan as a matter of course.

For starters I went for the leak and potato soup, and my wife went for baked field mushrooms.  The soup was good, but slightly salty for my taste.  The only thing I could find any fault with at all during the meal.  Abby loved her mushrooms and was impressed with the number of vegetarian choices too.

I’d had steak on my previous visit, which was excellent, so I thought I’d go for chicken for the main to try something different.  I was about to order a chicken in a garlic and brandy cream sauce, when I spotted chicken wrapped in Parma ham and stuffed with chorizo and cream cheese on the specials board.  This sounded great but came with bacon mash rather than chips, which also sounded amazing.  However I had my heart set on chips and they kindly let me have the special served with chips instead.  This course was excellent, and was served with a beef jus and champagne drizzle which were both extremely tasty.  The chips were delicious and I loved the presentation.  Abby had a goats cheese Wellington and enjoyed this too.

Abby was too full for dessert, as was I to tell the truth.  But what sort of reviewer would I have been if I didn’t try the dessert for you?  I ordered the “Something Chocolate” which was a cone shaped set mousse, with plenty of raspberry and banana coulis drizzled on the plate.  Apparently all the coulis contain about 4% alcohol!  The dessert was rich and light, and had an amazing chocolate flavour.  I absolutely loved this and had no problems at all in polishing it off.  However, in my haste to demolish it I made a huge error and forgot to take a photo – oops!  Anyway, here is the empty plate to show you how much I enjoyed it 🙂

Overall the food was excellent as was the service.  The chef told us he has a nut allergy so was very appreciative of the needs of someone suffering from an allergy or intolerance.  In fact he had recently successfully catered for someone who was gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian.  With the Living Social voucher this meal was a bargain, but the normal prices are very reasonable for the quality of the food.  If you are based in Plymouth or even visiting, then I can highly recommend paying a visit to Chambers.

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