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The Harbour Surf and Turf

27 Feb

Well it’s been a while (again!) so apologies for the lack of posts recently.  We’re still regularly updating the Facebook page so do give us a like over there for more frequent updates.  Recently I noticed that The Glassblowing House was no longer open, which was a bit of a sh15936394_1369479253085275_8369384388341975884_oame as they were pretty good for gluten free in there.  However my spirits were soon lifted as I noticed a sign on the door proclaiming the imminent arrival of The Harbour Surf and Turf restaurant, and the promise that everything could be prepared gluten free!

When I got home I had a search for their website, and was extremely impressed to find that there was a very prominent gluten free section and that they seemed very aware of cross contamination issues.  Below is a quote from the website:

Our whole menu is available not only for gluten allergies but also fully suitable for coeliacs. The newly refurbished kitchen alongside the procedures which we introduced allow absolutely no contamination to ensure your safety. Please notify your server that you would like your food being prepared in gluten free environment and we will do the rest for you!

16990655_10158262431715293_985870119_oI was due a catch up with Emma, so a trip to The Harbour seemed like the ideal place to go.  We booked in and headed there on a Saturday night, which was only their second day open.  I’d mentioned both Emma and I were coeliac when I booked online, and again mentioned this as we were seated.  Restaurant manager, Greg, immediately put us at ease by saying he remembered and pointed out that there was already gluten free vinegar on the table waiting for us.  This was only a small touch, but I am sure other coeliacs will appreciate how something like this can really give you reassurance and make you feel like you’re being looked after and taken seriously.

Essentially The Harbour is an upmarket chippy, which has clearly been taken to the next level.  Meals are available to eat in or takeaway, and I can definitely see me getting the reasonably priced takeaway options in the summer.  Emma and I are not really fish eaters, and after a couple of drinks we immediately drooled over a burger and the deal was sealed when Greg confirmed they had gluten free buns.  There are also a good range of steaks available.


Despite the restaurant being newly opened and busy, our burgers came out in good time and we were not disappointed!  The burger patty itself was quite thin, but Emma and I both loved them.  They had great flavour, were well garnished and the bun was decent too.  The chips were really nice and are also bottomless, not that either of us could have managed any more.  A definite thumbs up from both of us.

16990334_10158262432605293_1792175775_oDespite being full, we had to at least ask if there were any gluten free dessert options.  All in the name of research of course!  Being coeliac can make you a little sceptical, and a with a dessert menu containing two cakes, a cheesecake and a sorbet our bets were well and truly on sorbet being the only option.  However, much to our surprise and delight we were told that ALL of the desserts are gluten free because “that’s how we roll”.  Greg recommended the cheesecake and we weren’t about to say no!  Despite being stuffed we split a cheesecake.  The following is pretty much the conversation that followed:

Kev: “Oh my god! Mmmmmmmmm”

Emma: “Oh my god! Mmmmmmmm”

Kev: “Mmmmmmm”

Emma: “Mmmmmmm”

Kev: “Mmmmmm”

Emma: “Mmmmmmm”

Kev: ” I think the whole restaurant has just seen my sex face…”


It’s fair to say, the New York Cheesecake was absolutely fantastic!  So smooth and silky, I’d go back again just for some more of it no question at all.  Despite both being stuffed we absolutely demolished it in no time.  It really did send us home happy with big smiles on our faces to have such a great end to the meal.  A great recommendation from Greg who told us his partner was gluten intolerant when we chatted to him.

We stayed for a final glass of wine before heading on our way and drinking way too much of just about anything for the remainder of the evening.  I’m pleased to report no ill effects, well at least from the food!  Excellent food, great service, reasonable prices and we were made to feel extremely welcome.  We are both definitely looking forward to going back again.




Greg, Emma and Kev

Kevin, Gluten Free by the Sea

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