Welcome to Gluten Free By The Sea

5 Aug

Welcome to my new blog!  Gluten Free By The Sea will aim to detail the best places to find gluten free food in Plymouth and the surrounding area.  As well as eating out recommendations and the best places to find gluten free food locally, I will also be blogging about life as a coeliac and the latest gluten free products to hit the market.  If I learn to cook I may even list the odd gluten free recipe, otherwise I may blog some of my wife’s finest creations!

While you wait for my first post why not check out my About page, or read my blogging debut over at The Gluten Free Student Cookbook:


It is fitting that my first post to this site should mention The Gluten Free Student Cookbook.  This is one of the first gluten free blogs that I discovered, and making the tortilla wrap recipe from the site was maybe the turning point when I discovered gluten free food could be good!  Author Saara Aziz has also been a great help along the coeliac journey.


One Response to “Welcome to Gluten Free By The Sea”

  1. Sarah Ram August 10, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

    YAAAAAAAY I have been looking everywhere for a blog like this!! we should team up!! 🙂

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