Perkier Porridge

8 Mar

I was recently offered the chance to sample the newly launched porridge from fabulous London based gluten free company Perkier Foods.  However, I’ve never been a porridge fan and so coeliac friend David Johnstone stepped up to review these for me.  Thanks very much David, over to you:

Perkier Foods and their Oat Free Porridge launch


Carly Talbot, David Johnstone and Kevin Gollop – Perkier Tweeps!

I first stumbled (quite literally) across the Perkier pair, Ann and Steve, at the London Allergy & Free From Show last summer.  Wondering aimlessly along the aisles, in awe of all the Free From foods available.  I hadn’t really noticed their funky bright display; until Steve noticed my Coeliac UK sticker I was wearing and promptly beckoned me over with their tray of tasters as bait.

Thank god they did.  I was instantly amazed by the quality of the Brownies.  A little off subject side story… Way back, when myself and the GEW (Gluten Eating Wife) were first going out, pre Coeliac Disease.  We were at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed and stopped for a drink and snack from this posh mobile Coffee WW2 Army catering van.  We bought the most wonderful Brownie and from that day on, we have never been able to better it.  That had become the yardstick that every Brownie we’ve eaten since, had to measure up too.  Nothing came close until that moment and Perkier’s Brownie’s surpassed it… and this from a Gluten Free product. Wow!

But I digress… It was obvious from the very start that Perkier are a Premium brand, built around taste and quality.  Not just a poor over priced imitation of a Gluten-full product, that had come to disillusion me as a newly diagnosis Coeliac.  I have followed, purchased and enjoyed their wares ever since.

Its with great satisfaction that the Brand is becoming more successful.  You can easily see on social media that their kitchen – the “Yummery” – is producing ever more products, filling the selves in Whole Foods Market across the country, plus still selling and posting direct.  So its only natural evolution that their products will start being made outside, to meet higher demands.  First of their range to do this, is a Selection of their Gluten Free Porridges.

I have purchased their Porridges before.  Either from various fairs of sent direct from The Yummery.  All of which has been hand made/blended by the Perksters.  I seem to react to Oats and have really missed my porridge, so have tried the Millet variety from Holland and Barrett.  I wasn’t impressed, it took forever too soften the grains and remove the sweaty fifty pence flavour to make it palatable.  Not a problem with any of the Perkier Oat Free range.  Their mix of Millet and Buckwheat (obviously of a higher quality that the other I’ve tried) only needs 2 minutes in the Microwave, tastes smooth and rich.


Not only this, but they come in range of amazing indulgent flavours. Fruity Berry; Gingerbread (with real Perkier made Gingerbread pieces) and Apple, Cinnamon & Raisin.  Making a Gluten and Oat Free breakfast a real treat.  I have always thoroughly enjoyed all of these.  A real Premium treat and a true Free From breakfast, makes you feel special about being a Coeliac.

Ginger is one of the flavours I crave the most since being Gluten Free.  The Gingerbread porridge is fantastic, the Gingerbread pieces often do not make it into the breakfast and I’m longing for a Perkier Gingerbread Man.  But surprisingly my favourite porridge has become the Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin.  Love the light spiciness to it and the juicy Apple pieces in the hot porridge.  Luckily for me, this is the only Oat Free porridge that has gone into mass production and launched nationwide in the new packaging.  And more good news, as the other two Oat Free flavours will still be made in the Yummery for direct sales.

Now the concern always is… that when a food product, delightfully hand made in a “cottage style” Yummery industry like these porridges, goes on to a larger scale production through a separate partner… Will it be different, will it change from the product I’ve come to love and enjoy?  The truth always is, that unfortunately it always does as it has to!  But the proof is in the pudding or breakfast so to speak…  so is it going to be as good???

It was very exciting to receive the parcel containing the new Perkier porridge.  First impressions see the new p was good.  Have kept the bright distant colours that separate the brand, its really going to stand out on the shelves.  Has Perkier’s mission statement, the packaging and labelling text speaks to you directly as all good Lifestyle brands should!  Everything’s there to fill you with confidence about the product, including the Crossed Grain symbol loud and proud.  Rather than hidden away around the back.  I particularly like the fact the serving measurements had changed from weight to spoonfuls, instantly calming and humanising the experience.

Perkier_insidebox Perkier_packaging

I made a serving it as per the box instructions; 4 heaped spoonfuls and 160ml of milk or water (I choose 50/50 water & semi skimmed milk mix, but that’s just me!).  Really wanted to see how this new batch was going to compare to how I fondly remembered the original. First impressions good came out of the microwave creamy and smooth.  Leaving to cool for 1-minute porridge steadily continued to thicken.  Perfect, I have always liked my Porridge to be served thick and smooth.  Then lightly sprinkle a small amount of sugar onto the top, allowing to melt into the porridge.  Then pour cold fresh milk around the edge, allowing it to pool at the sides.  Only then do I mix it all together and indulge in the warm porridge treat.  It tastes great, thank goodness.

perkier_n_coffee perkier_done

In truth, this new production version of the Perkier Oat Free Porridge is a little different to the original Yummery version.  I think there is a bit more Cinnamon than before and the Apple pieces are a tad smaller but still as plentiful.  But in no way does it suffer or distract from the taste, I still very much enjoyed breakfast.  The porridge is still smooth and nowhere was there any trace of coin flavour.

At £3.99 RRP for 10 good servings, its a Premium product and priced reasonably as such.  But of course as with all Perkier’s wares, they are worth it.  Its not an over priced gap fill item capitalising on the Free From market.  I can’t wait to see it in my local Supermarket and hopefully further Oat Free options soon.


5 Responses to “Perkier Porridge”

  1. Emma Louise Hutchinson March 8, 2013 at 9:48 pm #

    I’ve followed Perkier with interest, I was disappointed to learn that some of their most tempting products contain dairy, as I am lactose intolerant and gluten and wheat free this is bad news for me. I currently have porridge every morning for my breakfast made with Tesco own gluten free porridge oats and a variety of nuts, dried fruit and syrup! I’m very tempted to try Perkier but unusually feel reluctant to stray from my usual safe ground. I will make an extra effort to track some down thanks to this review 🙂

    • Kevin Gollop March 8, 2013 at 9:53 pm #

      I have tried their sweet treats and they are delicious. I have also had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Ann and Steve of Perkier at some of the London Tweet Ups so have a big soft spot for this company 🙂


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