Eggbuckland Fish and Chip Shop

19 Mar

Update 31/08/14: Unfortunately Eggbuckland Fish and Chip Shop is now under new ownership and is no longer serving gluten free.  See Kingfisher Fish and Chip Shop review for an alternative option.

Gluten Free by the Sea recently brought you news that Eggbuckland Fish and Chip shop in Plymouth were having a gluten free night the first Monday of every month.  It was pleasing to see owner Johanna Haimes had received training from Coeliac UK and that the fryers would be completely steam cleaned, fresh oil used and only gluten free items cooked on the night.  For more information see their press release.  With confidence I made the trip to Eggbuckland village to try it out.


When I arrived I could only just fit in the shop, it was extremely busy which was great to see.  It was immediately apparent that there was a really lovely atmosphere within the shop.  Staff and customers were exchanging stories about their excitement to tuck in to gluten free fish and chips.  There was a young coeliac child who was about to have fish and chips for the first time, heart-warming.

It was good to see Coeliac UK literature and certification, along with labelling from the gluten free products used on display in the shop, and this certainly added to my confidence.  The choices were chips, battered fish, battered sausage, gravy and curry sauce.  Johanna is looking to expand this range and is planning to add mushy peas, chicken and chicken nuggets to the menu for the next gluten free night on Easter Monday (open as normal).

It was personally quite a nostalgic trip for me.  Not only was this my first trip to a chippy since my coeliac journey began nearly two years ago, but I was brought up in Eggbuckland so this was my local chippy as a youngster.  This was my first trip back since I moved away from Eggbuckland over ten years ago.

I don’t eat fish, so I was very pleased to see the battered sausage on the menu.  I ordered a large portion of chips and a battered sausage, with a side of curry sauce.  I rushed home to dish up, and as I did I looked at the portion and thought that I’d never be able to eat it all.  Truth be told I demolished the whole thing, probably without even stopping for breath.  The sausage was tasty, the batter was light and crispy and very impressive.  It was so good to have “proper” chips from a chippy again, I loved it!  I am away on Easter Monday, but will definitely be going back for more.


The evening itself was a great success, Johanna said “I was very surprised at the amount of children that came. It’s very sad that it has such an effect on the whole family.  We were very happy that the hard work and research gave people with gluten intolerance the chance to enjoy something that most of us take for granted.”  For some more quotes from Johanna on the night see this report from The Herald.

The chip shop are investigating an option to supply meals boxed with a knife and fork as many gluten free customers had travelled some distance to try this.  Johanna is keen to hear feedback, and suggestions for other products that you would like offered.  You can contact her via email at

There were some lovely comments on the Gluten Free by the Sea Facebook page after the event, so I’d like to leave you with a few of those:

I enjoyed my cod and chips too. Haven’t been near a chip shop since I got diagnosed in 2010 and tonight was a taste sensation for me thank you Eggbuckland Chip Shop – Louise Williams

Would like to say a big THANK YOU to Eggbuckland fish and chip shop for the lovely gluten free fish, chips and curry sauce both myself and my 4 year old daughter was both very happy girlies after it was very yummy and my daughters little smiley face was all worth it…roll on the first Monday in April where we will deaf be back again – Stacey Willcocks

Finally, a big thank you from me.  I really enjoyed my meal and am looking forward to the next time.  Thanks for putting these nights on, evening like this really make a difference.

Kevin, Gluten Free by the Sea


7 Responses to “Eggbuckland Fish and Chip Shop”

  1. jeblount March 19, 2013 at 10:41 pm #

    Your writing is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing life as gluten-free!

  2. Danielle Truly Scrumptious September 2, 2013 at 5:18 pm #

    I’ve been waiting for this night for weeks! Cannot wait as a newly diagnosed coeliac to try this.

  3. Kerry anderson October 28, 2013 at 12:26 pm #

    Is this still ongoing. I live in eggbuckland and have coeliacs……. Would love to eat lovely things without suffering for it. What a fab idea 🙂

    • Kevin Gollop October 28, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

      Hi Kerry, yes it is! It’s the first Monday of every month 5pm till 10pm. See Diary link at top of page for upcoming dates. Can highly recommend 🙂

  4. Valerie August 23, 2019 at 7:50 pm #

    Whats the phone number of Eggbuckland fish & chip shop


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